“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,”…. What a wonderful hymn to start the day with!

Voices Raised in Praise

Singing the new Hymns at CLC

Every morning assembly at CLC begins with a hymn from the Christian Science Hymnal. This summer we hope that our campers will learn the new hymns and tunes that The Mother Church has recently published in the Hymnal Supplement, including this favorite by John Newton, who went from being the Captain of a slave trading ship to a dedicated clergyman and abolitionist.

Over the years, many kind individuals, groups, and churches have donated their spare Hymnals to CLC. Now, to ensure that every camper and staff member can read the words and music in the new Supplement this summer, we would like to acquire 150 regular Hymnal Supplements and one large organist’s edition.

Help us teach these new hymns and tunes to our campers this summer, by donating hymnal supplements to camp or designating donations for this purpose. We will inscribe your name in the front of all the copies that are provided or funded by this appeal. Any funds left over will be used to replace some of our Christian Science Hymnals, some of our well used copies have a tendency to scatter leaves like trees in an autumn breeze!

If you would like to send a copy of the Hymnal Supplement to camp, please address it to “Crystal Lake Camps, 1676 Crystal Lake Road, Hughesville, PA 17737”.

You can also support this Hymnal Supplement Appeal with an online donation using the main CLC website or sending us a check made payable to “Crystal Lake Camps” and marked Hymnal Supplement Appeal.

We are looking forward to our campers’ from Africa teaching us how to pronounce the original Zulu words to Hymn 460:

 Si-ya-hamb’ eku-kha-nyen’ kwen-khos’

“We are walking in the light of God.” 

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