CLC’s 2008 Counselor-in-Training Program, by Kate LaFranchi, 2008 CIT

What a CIT does

After completing the CLC Leadership Training program, I spent the next four weeks of camp being a Counselor-in-Training, or “CIT”. During this time I worked with kids of all different ages and got to see the inner workings of camp and how all staff members pull together to make sure that camp runs smoothly and harmoniously. I formed friendships with my fellow CITs, as we knew that we could talk to each other about any problems that we had within our cabins and classes.


Help teach classes

I enjoyed helping teach a younger-kids swimming class, where I watched two campers go from being very afraid of the water to having full mastery of basic swimming skills. It was truly gratifying to see them excited to come to class every day and to know that they trusted me both in and out of the water.


Amish Exchange Program

One of the highlights of the CIT program was being able to spend four days with a group of Amish kids both at their farms and at our camp. During this time as we quickly bonded with each other and were reminded that everyone is similar deep down inside and at the end of those four days, we felt like we were family. Today I am still in contact with one of the Amish girls. We exchange letters and I have been to see her at the market were she works every Saturday.


An amazing way to spend the summer

When I got home from camp, it became a joke around my friends that the only stories I shared were about CLC, and nobody could believe all the different stuff I had done in one summer. My time as a CIT was so amazing and I am grateful to have had so many wonderful experiences.

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