2009 Summer Camp Theme

 “Striving to be good, and to do good, and to love our neighbor as ourself, man’s soul is safe;”

From Page 200: 14 – 15 The First Church of Christ Scientist and Miscellany by Mary Baker Eddy

Whether your time or your child’s time at Crystal Lake as either a camper or staff member was years ago or even only a couple of years ago or perhaps you are reading this blog and learning about Crystal Lake Camps for the first time, we hope you will take time to consider this special quote that we have chosen as our theme for this summer.

Webster defines to strive as “to devote serious effort or energy”. Our campers and staff are asked to bring their best efforts to everything that they do at camp from sweeping cabin floors to completing a multi day hike. A wonderful camp experience is a team effort by everyone from the smallest Kiyan or Dunwoodian to the Senior Staff! Everyone is encouraged to put energy into all camp activities, so that at the end of camp everyone feels successful and accomplished. Ready to meet the challenges of school, everyday life and work!

Living in close quarters in the cabins, campers learn many lessons about how to treat their fellow campers with respect and in a spirit of cooperation. Crystal Lake Campers come from all different countries and homes, and friendships grow as campers get to know each other.

Community Service is a new focus of our program this year. We hope that helping others will become a natural part of our campers’ lives both during camp and after they return home, as they see “their brother’s need” and realize that they can be part of helping to supply it.

Life at camp surrounded by woods and wild life, away from city streets would seem to be the safest place a child could be for the summer. But it can be tough for a child who feels more at home in the noise and bustle of a subway train! Everyday staff help campers to learn that safety is not dependent on a particular person or place, but rather in all situations they are cared about and looked out for, truly safe.

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