All Hands on Deck – Volunteer Weekend 2009

The hands came in all sizes from child size to well-seasoned, but they were all very willing. Some were on their first visit to Crystal Lake Camps, others were reacquainting themselves with their memories of being campers or staff members. No task was too tough for this crowd from hoisting heavy glass storm windows into the Lodge attic to digging footings and clearing the deck for the new Kiya steps.

For all those of you who have struggled up the Kiya ramp with an armful of clean laundry in a driving rain storm or dragged weary feet and a heavy pack up the ramp after an overnight, we hope this is great news! The steps will provide a swift entry alternative to a ramp that seems like 50 yards long and can take forever to clear of snow in the winter, as every shovelful has to be hoisted over the rail!

A lively crowd gathered with enthusiasm over the weekend at camp and the do list was demolished with alacrity. Flower beds were weeded, walkways raked, cabins cleaned, sports nets installed, the gaga pit assembled, teepees pitched and a host of other pre-camp activities completed. Even the task of collecting thousands of sticks and branches that had rained down over the winter throughout camp was done, so the grass can be mown before camp. Now the rockers line the porch ready to welcome the first warm breezes of summer.

The weekend culminated in the installation of six new flags flying from the beams in the Dining Room. Their fresh colors greeted the hungry workers of CLC as they arrived for dinner and helped to inspire the after dinner window marathon. Armed to the teeth with piles of newspaper, spray bottles, hoses and much elbow grease, the windows were vanquished, louvered pane by louvered pane….as the rain poured down outside! 

On Sunday, bright skies and cool breezes brought everyone around a blazing Lodge fire for Sunday Service and Sunday school, followed by renewed efforts on outstanding projects. While most of our wonderful volunteers headed home via Eders on Sunday afternoon, others have remained to work through the week. They are tackling a new dock at the Council fire area and painting the interior of the quiet room and dorm, the camp mom and practitioner’s rooms in Nossoni.

This weekend was a great start to camp season dedicated to instilling in our campers the importance of community service. Clearly, all this weekend’s dedicated volunteers were instilled with the spirit of service long ago! Although we suspect that sitting at a desk whether in school or at work this Monday morning, never felt so good.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all who signed on, came aboard and braved the weather, the bugs, the mud and the frigid waters of the lake on a voyage of selfless service.

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