2009 Banquet Themes!

At the end of each Crystal Lake session, there is an exciting banquet for campers & staff, as a fun way to wrap up the session.  Alford Hall is decorated and everyone gets into the spirit of the theme.

For many campers, the end of session banquets are a particular highlight.  CLC banquets are not necessarily a dressy occasion, but are simply a way to celebrate the session in a fun and unique manner.  We’re providing you with the themes of each session’s banquet in advance, just in case you want to pack something to wear in keeping with the theme.  Please understand that there is no expectation to go out and purchase anything new.  We get quite creative with the supplies we have on hand, and camp banquets are just meant to be a way to celebrate.

Session 1: 1920’s mystery

Session 2: Where the Wild Things Are (based on Maurice Sendak’s book)

Session 3: 1980’s prom

Session 4: A Surprise!  Just bring something nice to wear.

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