Swimming, Classes, & Council Fire

 We all awoke well rested and ready to start our first full day of camp!

 Our super lifeguards and waterfront staff regaled us with entertaining presentations of waterfront rules, and then opened up the waterfront for free swim.  Some swam, some took canoes out and explored the edges of the lake, scouting for blueberries, and other played games on the beach.

 After lunch we eagerly signed up for our first official classes, including Arts and Crafts, Horseback Riding, Mud Soccer, Basketball, Mountain Biking, Volleyball, Tennis  and  Frisbee. Many of us signed up for activities we had never tried before, and there were many tired but happy faces at dinner. 

 After a fun picnic supper outside, we got our clan assignments.  There are four clans at camp, which are based on the four Native American tribes that used to live in this area: Bears, Wolves, Turkeys and Turtles.  We use these clan groupings when we hold council fires, which we did tonight.  At tonight’s council fire, each clan made up their own cheer, and participated in clan competitions.  We also sang songs and watched a spectacular fire lighting dance.

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