Sunday School, Classes, & Barn Dance

 This morning dawned sunny and beautiful!

There really is something special about having Sunday School at camp.  Many classes chose to sit outside in the grass by the lake, as it was a gorgeous sunny morning.  We all came back together for our last hymn with peaceful smiles and joyful singing.

 After Sunday School, we had some time to go back to our cabins and do kapers (our term for tidying up our cabins for the day).  Both boys and girls camps “wowed” the staff with their enthusiasm and teamwork as they worked to keep their new homes looking orderly.

 We had a second round of fun activities today.  Everyone had a chance to sign up for their choice: Archery, Horseback Riding, Arts and Crafts, Sports, Mountain Biking, Tennis, Volleyball, and Swimming.  We also had a class called “The Great Adventure” which involved working together to figure out how to cross the “hot chocolate river” by only stepping on the “marshmallows”.  It was very sweet to see a few teenage boys work together with some 7 year old girls to cross the river safely.

 We ended the night with a camp favorite: the barn dance! Everyone dressed up in their best farm girl or cowboy outfit (plaid shirts and pigtail braids galore!). We decorated Alford Hall with hay and saddles, and danced the night away to “YMCA”, “The Macarena”, “The Bunny Hop”, and “The Limbo”.  We all danced so hard that we had to take several breaks to cool off outside.  Needless to say, we will sleep quite soundly tonight.

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