Overnights return, Testimony Meeting

Today everyone returned from their overnights, and by all reports, everyone had a great time!  We heard great stories of star gazing and learning constellations; seemingly endless games of the ever-popular “Mafia” game, another game called “camouflage;” great stories told ’round the campfire, and the food!  Somehow, food cooked while camping just can’t be beat!

The older cabins had the opportunity to go on longer hikes, and the boys’ cabin that was off to an area called Red Rock told us about playing around in the stream and the nice scenery they viewed.

For dinner, we ate a hearty Thanksgiving-like feast of turkey, stuffing, cranberries, gravy and more!  Coming home to a such a tasty meal is a great treat.

After dinner, we held a testimony meeting with many wonderful reports of healings.  Many campers stood to give reports of Christian Science healing, and many said it was their first public testimony!   We sang several hymns afterwards to finish up our night, and everyone retreated to an early bedtime, well deserved after such great overnights.

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