Sunday School, Activity Fair, Barn Dance!

What better way to get camp underway than grounding the session with Christian Science Sunday School?  After a little sleep in, an all-camp flag raising outside Alford Hall, and a great breakfast, we had Sunday School!  Camp is a great place for it – most campers don’t have the opportunity to be in a Sunday School with over 100 students!  Classes are broken down by age into groups of 7 or 8, so really good and meaningful discussions can be had.

After Sunday School, back to cabins for KAPERS!  That’s CLC’s term for cabin cleaning.  The Head Counselors come around to each cabin to see the progress and ensure every camper and every cabin corner are looking clean and shining!

Lunch was a traditional camp favorite: grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Everyone marked their books during rest hour, and next was the Activity Fair!  That’s when everyone congregates at the game field, and signs up for their classes for the session.  Each camper takes the same 3 or 4 classes each day, and they got to see the options, talk with the staff about class content and activity, then they make their class choices.  Additionally, each day campers sign up for a “free choice” period, so they get good variety over the session.

After a BBQ dinner that had to move indoors due to rain, the wild and always loved Barn Dance got underway!  The Electric Slide, limbo, Bunny Hop, Virginia Reel and more rounded out our night of fun dancing.

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