Full day of classes, Council Fire

Today was 2nd Session’s first full day of classes!  All the classes each camper signed up for yesterday, today they got to try them out!  The morning started off with 2 full periods – or for many campers, the morning is actually a 2-hour block of one class.  This block enables them to learn skills more in depth.

During rest hour today, campers wrote their first letters home, so you parents out there can expect to see them by Friday (if not sooner).

The afternoon continued with more classes – three periods in all.  The last period of each day is “free choice,” which means the campers did not sign up for it during the Activity Fair yesterday, but get to choose daily.  This way, they can gain exposure to other activities they would not otherwise have the opportunity to see.

After another yummy dinner (thank you Kitchen Crew!), we had our first Council Fire of the session.  It was a great night: we played several great clan games, some fun stories were told, and an exciting firelighting dance & ceremony.  The fire burned big and bright tonight!

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