4th of July: British invasion! Capture the Flag, games, and fireworks

Today was another in a long line of very fun 4th of July celebrations.  The day began with the British Red Coat army (a handful of staff) invading America – the campers awoke to British troops claiming this land for the Royal Crown.

After breakfast in cabins and a Kapers, everyone headed to Alford Hall for an all-camp flag raising.  While attempting to raise the American flag, the Red Coats came and stole the flag, and raised the British Union Jack instead!  That marked the beginning of an exciting 3-hour game of Capture the Flag – and the American side won in the end.

Lunch and a very welcome rest hour happened next.  At the end of rest hour, one counselor from each cabin was selected for the annual “most humorously dressed counselor” fashion show.  There was a tie between a male and a female staff member, and even after a dance-off – which was beat-boxed by by 2 campers – the tie remained.

The afternoon continued next with a short show by two of the the horseback riding campers – this included some pace trials and a short formation show.  After that, the campers participated in a round-robin of many different games, where they switched between several fun options: water balloon toss, zip-bong, camper vs. counselor volleyball, face painting, and bibbity-bibbity-bop (a hilarious group game).   At the end of the afternoon we played a clan game called “hungry porcupine,” where various members of each clan had to obtain different items or complete specific tasks to “satisfy” the porcupine.

Dinner was the traditional burger & hot dog BBQ picnic style, where everyone sat around the game field enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

After dinner, there was a great bonfire on the gamefield, and each camper got to have a sparkler.  The evening completed with large and exciting fireworks set off right here at camp.  Everyone agreed: camp is a great way to celebrate the 4th of July!

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