Full Day of Classes, Christian Science Lecture, Talent Show

The day started out with a bang – literally!  We awoke to a few thunderstorms rumbling across the mountain.  But the day promised to be wonderful – and it was!

After the usual wake up, flag raising at each camp, and morning calisthenics, cabins reported having good Lesson Study time this morning.  A lot of interesting and engaging ideas were brought up – and the breakfast tables were still chatting about some of them!

After breakfast, Robin Hoagland, CSB, a Youth-specific lecturer from the Board of Lectureship, gave an opening talk to the campers.  The topic was how do we know prayer is effective?  Everyone came up with examples in their own lives of things they are working on – whether it was a skill for a class, something going on at home, etc.   Then we talked about what the three major things that try to prevent us from achieving those goals: fear, ignorance, and sin.  She then talked with us about what overcomes each of those three things: love overcomes fear, learning overcomes ignorance, and listening to God overcomes sin.  The instruction was then to take these ideas into our day and report back at the end of the day with how things improved.

Then after morning Kapers, off to classes everyone went!  And gratefully, by this time the weather had cleared and a glorious and mostly sunny day kept us going!

After a great rest hour, there were 2 more periods of classes.  The last period was used today to come back together with Mrs. Hoagland to report on the achievements of the day.  There were reports of physical healings, emotional healings, skills learned, obstacles overcome, and also people who had before felt vague or undefined in their daily endeavors reported feeling very clear and focused on achieving good in their day!  It was great to hear the campers coming up to the stage one by one to report back on the good that happened.

Dinner was good, followed by the exciting talent show!  There were nearly 2 hours of acts performed, including singing, music playing (guitars), skits, dancing, and much more.  It was a lot of fun, and the campers and staff had a great night showing off all their abilities.

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