Second day of 2nd Session: A Bright Beginning

After the storm that rolled through camp on Saturday night, Sunday developed into a perfect camp day, warm and sunny with blue skies and puffy white clouds scudding across the sky. Morning assembly focused on a great skit about listening to radio station “WGOD” and tuning into that station all through the day, whatever happens.

After first day kapers, all the camp came out on the games field to play Gold Rush, a game in which staff spread pieces of gold through out camp and campers are given the job of finding these gold pieces and exchanging them for prizes in the form of ice pops. During the game staff act like greedy prospectors who try steal the campers’ gold and campers have to evade them.

After quiet hour everyone gathered behind the lodge for the Activity Fair, showcasing all the classes to be offered during the camp session. The staff worked hard to recruit campers to their classes with promises of making them into the next Roger Federer on the tennis court or Michael Jordan on the basketball court. Cooking classes were told they could eat everything that they made. The cool bags, hats and scarves created during arts and crafts class were stylishly modeled by Program Director Patrick Bonsi and proof that CLC campers could be the next Project Runway participants! But the highlight was the Senior Mountain Biking Class that was promoted with a great demonstration of trick riding by Assistant Director Tim Holzworth who rode down the historic lodge steps and soared into the air executing an aerial 180 in front of astonished campers!

Dinner was a leisurely picnic supper on the games field where campers sat around on the grass eating unlimited hot dogs and hamburgers, chatting in groups, playing gaga and a playing a new game volleyball using feet and heads, as well as heads between courses. Even the ice cream dessert treats that had to be billed as “soft serve” did not diminish campers’ enthusiasm as they lined up by clan and headed out to the council fire circle. Brand new clan members settled themselves amongst their fellow Bears, Turkeys, Turtles and Wolves to learn the traditional songs and games and to experience for the first time the spectacle of the fire dance in the growing twilight.

As the sun went down and dusk blurred the outline of the distant shoreline, the flames from the Council Fire rose high into a clear sky and a watchful, quietness stole over the assembled campers and staff, full of anticipation of the new adventures in store for everyone during the next two weeks.

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