July 19: Sunday School, capture the flag, and council fire

This wonderful summer Sunday started off with a delicious breakfast and breaking into the same Sunday School classes as last week. Campers thought deeply about the lesson on Life, and how living it morally leads to happiness and healing.

After kapers, a stand-by inspection, and lunch, a rowdy game of Capture the Flag spanned most of girls’ camp. The Turtles and Wolves clans were pitted against the Turkeys and Bears. For the first time in Crystal Lake history, there was a complete tie, with neither team finding the other teams’ flags. There was good sportsmanship and a fun time had by all. A sunny free swim ended the afternoon for the campers.

While Capture the Flag was going on, 5 senior-aged campers had the opportunity to try the high ropes course. It was the first time for all 5 boys and girls, and they each challenged their fears and came back down to the ground with wider comfort circles than before.

After a delicious picnic supper and the traditional peanut butter pie dessert, all four clans headed over to the teepees for Council Fire. This council fire was planned and run by this year’s CITs in grand fashion. They performed the belt dance, led a song “My paddle,” and performed an awesome fire-lighting dance. Many were wowed by their poise and creativity. The clans played two unusal games at Council Fire tonight: an all-clan tug-of-war and a new game brought by Assistant Director Tim Holzwoth, called Buck Buck. A “buck skin” is placed on the ground and two members from each clan circle the skin and grab hands. When the signal is given, they must try to push the other players onto the skin without breaking hands. If anyone touches or breaks hands, they are removed from the circle, and whoever is left is declared the winner. The game brought out everyone’s competitive side and loudest cheers. As the sun set over the ridge, campers headed back to bed, tired and happy.

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