July 21: Classes and a Talent Show

Today was the third and a half day of regular classes this session, and campers had not been on classes for several days due to overnights and World Cup Soccer Day. Needless to say, everyone was anxious to get back into their lessons. Morning classes included R.A.F.T. class (Random Awesome Fun Things) where campers played sardines (a reverse hide-and-seek where everyone looks for one person and hides with them once they are found), Cooking class where fresh blueberries and mint were picked from around camp, and Writing Class where campers have been writing several different kinds of poetry. Today the writing class focused on haikus. All day the Arts and Crafts classes worked on their fashionable duct tape and t shirt handbags.

The afternoon classes included the Trailblazers tackling the Giant’s Ladder and Rocks and Ropes jumping from the Leap of Faith at the high ropes course. Fifth period classes were somewhat unusual today, including tie dye, an old camp favorite; tree climbing, a new camp favorite; Hip Hop dance; Talent Show preparation; free swim; and an Eskimo Roll Kayaking class for 3 campers who were working to achieve this kayaking skill. After two classes, the kayakers almost had it, and will be back at it tomorrow.

The obvious highlight of the day was the Talent Show – everyone laughed so hard many were in stiches, fell off chairs, or howled like hyenas. This talent show was organized and led by this year’s CITs, and like Sunday’s council fire, was a huge success. Acts included a hilarious Improv class with two games – “postcard” and “freeze,” a fabulous dance from the 5th period Hip Hop class, acrobats and tumblers, poetry, camp songs, piano sonnets, the best yoyo skills Crystal Lake has ever seen, frisbee throwing, lip synching, guitar rocking, and a number of skits. Skits included an improv “Dudley Dooright” skit (involving cheering, licking, push ups, and lots of sitting on each other), and the best pancake skit in recent memory, done by four male staff members. The pancake skit involves a short scene done over and over in several different fashions, and included not only the traditional versions of ultra-slow, uber-fast, operatic, and kung fu, but a girls’ camp impression (with hugs all around) and a head staff impression, complete with Assistant Director Tim Holzworth’s bike and Camp Director Nathan Bowen’s dog Buzz. It was almost impossible to stop laughing. The night finished on a high note with a dance party and off to bed. Campers await another great day of classes tomorrow.

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