July 22: Last full day of classes

Today was the last full day of classes (tomorrow is only a half day of classes, followed by BANQUET in the evening!). Arts and Crafts and Pottery classes worked to finish their projects, and Cooking class made muffins with the fresh blueberries the picked yesterday and pizza. Fifth period classes included bookmaking, a final session of Eskimo Roll Kayaking, Volleyball, Free Swim, Bike Painting (3 bikes are now bright pink and orange), and a very successful second Horse 101 class. In Horse 101, a few campers that were not normally in Riding or Hands-On-Horsemanship classes came to the barn and learned how to groom a horse, tack it up, and ride a little bit. Meanwhile, the Trailblazers class ventured out on an exciting tubing trip for their last day of class for the session.

The CITs had a day off today and enjoyed some time off the mountain before coming back for picnic supper and tonight’s testimony meeting. CIT director Jeff Bailey delivered inspiring readings about obeying God’s direction and not neglecting spiritual growth (improving our talents, if you will).

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