Banquet: 1980s Prom!

Another great day (and the last) of third session. After quiet hour and breakfast, we had an assembly all about the GPS – the God Positioning System, which taught that when we have good motives and are listening for God’s direction, we can lead happy, successful lives. Then the campers had their first and second period classes, which included archery, swimming, arts and crafts, tennis, sports, cooking, writing, and mountain biking. The mountain bikers took a special extreme ride down the mountain to get Eder’s ice cream – they had to race to get there before their ride home in order to get it. (They made it :))

After rest hour, campers spent several hours packing and organizing, then getting all dolled up for the prom! There were many bright-colored outfits worn (mostly among the staff who actually lived in the 80s), many a song danced to, and good food had. Aquabeard and the Mermen played a few songs their band one last time before Boys’ Head Counselor and lead guitarist Will Buchanan leaves at the end of the session. Awards for swimming, archery, and riding were presented, as well as the much anticipated cabin excellence awards. This session the awards went to cabins Seneca and Weape (the first time in over 15 years for Weape!). An excellent end-of-session slideshow ended the evening with hoops and hollers all around for dear friends, old and new.

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