First day of fourth session

Fourth session started off with a bang. First thing this morning at flag raising, boys’ camp surprised girls’ camp by sneaking over to the tepees and shouted “Good Morning Girls’ Camp!” as soon as the women yelled their usual morning greeting to boys’ camp. The women were surprised to see them pop up and yell right back. They then sang a rousing chorus of “Bugaloo” at each other from across the lake.

After breakfast was the first stand-by kapers of the session, which went very well. There are only a handful of new-to-camp campers this session, so returning campers filled in the new campers on how to correctly do kapers. After kapers, an exciting game of “The Great Porcupine” happened in Alford Hall, since it was raining. Everyone was split up into clans and “the great porcupine” would ask for someone (i.e. a junior girl, a senior boy, a staff member) from each clan to come to the middle and do something (i.e. get a sock from someone in your clan, bring in someone’s leg hairs, set a full table setting). The rain outside deterred none of the fun.

After lunch was one of the most creatively presented activity fairs this year. Classes being offered this session include some of the usuals, like junior and senior sports, rocks and ropes, trailblazers, pottery, arts and crafts, boating, swimming, archery, mountain biking, soccer, and basketball. New unusal classes include RAFT (Random Awesome Fun Things, which was offered the previous three sessions), Wilderness class (including foraging, cooking, fire and shelter building, and many other such things), ultimate frisbee, fitness (planned and led by 3 CITS), and a few old favorites including School of Rock (led by 2 CITs) and CLC news (led and planned by David Scott).

After activity fair, free swim in the rain was held on the waterfront. The rain continued throughout the afternoon, so instead of picnic supper, we ate family style burgers. We took down the dining room tables a third and final time for the day for the evening’s activity, barn dance. Everyone got all gussied up in their finest plaid and cowboy hats, mosied on over to the Alford Hall, and do-si-doed and Cotton-Eyed-Joed the night away. Hay rides were offered for this first time this summer and thoroughly enjoyed – all the way up the camp road and back.

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