Sunday School and First day of classes, 4th Session

Today was a very full day, starting with a small sleep in, then joint flag raising, breakfast, and Sunday School (we know it’s Monday, but moving it to the second day of camp helps get things rolling a little faster, and then we move into Sunday School once we know each other a little better). Classes divided up by age and spread out over the gamefield (luckily, the weather was very nice today), delving into a wide variety of topics.

Right after Sunday school, we fit in a second period class before lunch. Tennis began to work on the basics, as did senior mountain biking, ultimate frisbee, rocks and ropes, and swimming. RAFT class (Random Awesome Fun Things) played several fun get-to-know you games. All through the 4 periods offered today, arts and crafts worked on a giant window valence made of strings of copper circles and colored beads. Writing class learned about writing poetry and had time for a free write.

After lunch and a book-marking rest hour, third, fourth, and fifth periods met. During third period, improv met on the game field and played some improv games as would be found on Whose Line is it Anyway? Wilderness class foraged for edible plants, including diving for lilly pad roots, which supposedly can be cooked and eaten, and day lilly leaves, which are edible right off the stem. School of Rock had a rocking start, even beginning to jam on the first day. They are aiming to play a performance later this session. The Trailblazers started their classes off with a number of games, including a name game, “Frodo’s Ring,” and a trust run.

Fourth period classes saw boating take a sailboat out on the lake, utilizing the perfect breeze today. CLC News, a class being dusted off from many years ago and taught by a guest from the Monitor, David Scott. Today the news class came up with a mission statement, “To find the utmost hilarity, as seen at CLC,” and story ideas for tomorrow. They split up into teams of three, a reporter and a camera crew, and tomorrow they will interview “man on the street” style, interview campers they come across and filming it.

Council fire ended the evening, which included clan cheers, two games (all clan tug-of-war and the Beaver game), songs, Native American stories as told by CITs, and an all-women fire-lighting dance. The next and final council fire of the summer will be the traditional silent council fire.

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