First full day of program

Today was one of the warmest days of the summer to date, making it a perfect day for classes. The water in the lake was a perfect temperature for swimming classes, and there were many others in the lake besides those classes. Today’s RAFT class launched out on rafts in teams for a race to the slide float and back. They capsized a number of times, but had mountains of fun in the process. Fitness class has spent time weightlifting and running, and CLC news conducted their first set of video interviews.

This morning began with a very informative assembly on finding the true meaning of the Lord’s prayer instead of just rushing through it without really parying it. During fifth period, we had a special lecture with Jen McLaughlin from the periodicals department at the Christian Science Publishing Society. She came to show campers the many types of Christian Science literature being published right now and to tell the campers inspiring anecdotes of healing from Mrs. Eddy’s life. She conducted a survey to determine interest in a teen version of a CS article anthology. The lecture was very engaging as a whole and inspiring to listen to.

Tonight cabins headed out to various fire circles around camp for cabin cookouts. Each cabin feasted on pasta and smores and bonding in the process. Many have commented on the family-like atmosphere of this session at Crystal Lake. Laughter was heard from all corners of camp, and everyone congregated at the gamefield to socialize and play before heading to bed.

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