Saturday class day and Vespers

Another normal class day today, but with all sunshine instead of rain. The day started out very foggy (at 8 am, the ridge on the other side of the lake was completely obscured), but by kapers time the sun came out and it began to clear. Cabin excellence, largely determined by kapers (cleaning the cabins and bathrooms), is still a very close race at this point. We’ll see what unfolds…

Classes continued as normal today. Rocks and ropes went up to the high ropes course and did the second half of the course through the zip line. School of rock is getting closer to having a finished piece – maybe they’ll have something ready for the talent show tomorrow! Boating went out in kayaks today and learned to flip the kayaks over. They spent a fair amount of time floating around under the kayaks with their heads in the air under the kayak – they reported that the water was a perfect temperature today. Wilderness class made tea from mint leaves they collected behind the Long House and boiled lake water. They built a fire by the water front and had a cooking show-type tea tasting. Some swimming classes worked on learning and perfecting breaststroke, and the first period advanced class played water polo this morning.

During fifth period, campers played frisbee, hand-made books, prepared for a Vespers act, freely swam on the waterfront, or worked on their archery or athletics portion of Crimson Arrow. Vespers, which was tonight’s evening activity, is a long-standing Crystal Lake tradition and is a quieter version of a talent show, with acts usually of a more spiritual nature. Tonight, campers and staff members played songs on the piano and violin, recited poetry (including carpe diem poems from the writing class), sang songs, played the guitar, and sang hymns. The entire Sermon on the Mount is also read at Vespers, read in pieces by different staff members.  After the show ended, the older boys and girls cabins played a game of 8 sticks in the dark.

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