August 2nd: Sunday School, capture the flag, talent show

Today began with stimulating Sunday School classes and a fog-covered lake, which made a wonderfully inspiring combination. The weather has been see-sawing between sunny and rainy, today landing on rainy at first. But thankfully, it cleared up by the afternoon so that clan capture the flag could happen!

This Sunday’s round featured the bears and wolves vs. the turkeys and turtles. In the first round, about 45 minutes in the game, three bears and Norman guys from Mexico, Santiago and Carlos and Elias, splashed through the creek, mud flying, and grabbed the flag.  They hustled around the lake trail to their side of camp to victory!

The second round was not so easily decided. The teams switched sides, so the turkeys and turtles defending Alford Hall side of camp. Kitchen worker Bruce Little ran down the camp road and began to check all the clothes lines, a usual flag hiding place (the flags are generally half of a towel). He noticed one towel on the line that was torn in half, and though a camper tried to convince him it was a decoy flag, he took it anyway. Running back down the back way trail, Bruce ran into Elias, Santiago, Carlos, and Seneca counselor Percy, who chased him down the lake trail. CIT Bishoppe Kamusinga was hiding in the ferns, and as Bruce rounded the bend Bishoppe threw off his shoes and ambushed him, running madly after him and foiling his plan.

Meanwhile on the other side of camp, there were about 15 bears and wolves searching frantically for the flag. Tensions were high and time was running low, and as the referee counted down the last 10 seconds, a bear spotted the flag, and took off with it sprinting.  “4, 3, 2, 1!” the referee yelled,  And right before he crossed the finish line, the time ran out, ending the second round in a tie.

And while the Bears and Wolves won the first round, there are many more points to be won at Little Olympics this Tuesday! Free swim followed the two games, and then all retired to picnic supper on the Game Field lawn. While capture the flag was happening, seven senior campers challenged the ropes course and passed with flying colors. Every camper flew through the course in record time, and one Seneca camper, Collier Tonkin, even went through it blind-folded!

After picnic supper and separate flag lowerings, everyone met again in Alford Hall to share in a diverse and brilliant show of talent. This session’s talent show included four very springy acrobats, soulful piano songs, the debut of three songs from Kiya cabin’s first album, “Kiya,” a sweet electric guitar solo, a mind-blowing yoyo routine, mad soccer skills, two virtuouso violinists, three rocking tap, pop, and hip hop dance routines, and two songs from the musical Wicked good enough to be on Broadway. Campers and staff plied all number of instruments, and it was a wonderful opportunity for campers to share before unseen talents with an unbelievably supportive audience (every act received a standing ovation).

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