August 3rd: regular classes and International night

Classes came along as usual today, starting to finish off skills and lessons. Of particular note today were the Trailblazers, seen all afternoon in crazy costumes doing crazy things. They put together a list of things they wanted to do, so they got all gussied up and rolled across the game field, balanced water on their heads, and played mud gaga (all the rain created a large mud pit in the gaga area, and many campers have embraced the mud joyfully!). During fifth period, Gina Lindquist, the National Field Director of Discovery Bound gave a presentation, showing an awesome video and getting everyone pumped to participate in future Discovery Bound events in their areas.

Tonight was an extra special evening in the dining room: International night. The legs on all the tables were folded down so everyone ate their meal sitting on the floor, Japanese style. Food from countries were Crystal Lake campers have come from was served, including beef stew from Kenya, chicken and rice from Mexico, a salad from Russia, felafel and tzaziki sauce from Greece, a special recipe chicken from Program Director Patrick Bonsei of Botswana, lassis from India, and mint tea made from mint growing behind the Long House. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal, going back from seconds and thirds. After dessert, cultural presentations from 5 countries were given: Russia, France, Mexico, Greece, and Kenya. Campers from those countries told about their food, culture, and customs, fielded questions from domestic campers, showed powerpoints, and even sang national anthems. Joy and goodwill encompassed the whole evening, and it was an extraordinary opportunity for our international campers to share with the rest of camp.

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