Last day of classes, silent council fire

Though it’s hard to believe, today was the last day of classes for the whole summer. Everyone worked had to finish on a great note, and everyone definitely brought their awesome today.

Awards-based classes like swimming, archery, and riding finished up what everyone needed to achieve their next levels. Boating took the sunfish sailboats out on the lake. Arts and crafts and pottery finished their projects to be able to bring them home the day after tomorrow. Rocks and ropes class was out on the rock wall one last time. Sports classes including soccer, ultimate frisbee, tennis, basketball, and jr. and sr. sports played their last games. Improv played their last rounds of improv games. Mountain biking went on a last good trail ride. Fitness class combined with 4th period senior sports to do pilates together. The Trailblazers went on their traditional tubing trip off the mountain. After drinking more of the tea they made earlier in the week, wilderness class went on another bear hunt walk in the woods to hopefully spot a bear, but the bears remain elusive. CLC news worked hard to finish their video, which will be shown at the banquet tomorrow night.

Fifth periods were mostly taught by the CITs today, and included photography, mountain biking, slacklining, running photography (taking pictures while running!), fishing with 4th session camp nurse Andy Aupperle, free swim, and book making. Each was an overwhelming success and a good end to classes for the summer.

After picnic supper came the event many have been waiting all summer for: silent council fire. It included all the normal elements of council fire, including songs, several poigniant Native American stories told by CITs, and two games, tug of war on stumps and till-e-come. The fire-lighting tonight was outstanding – it involved a double-sided torchbearer coming from across the lake in a catamaran canoe, swinging torches on chains, and fire breathing. An almost full yellow moon rose over the trees on the other side of the lake behind the fire dancers, creating a chilling and beautiful work of art. After the fire was lit and the final songs were sung, all departed from the council fire in silence, reflecting on the summer and all the lessons learned, the love shared, and the fun had. Tomorrow is packing day and banquet, so tonight’s council fire was an emotional wrap up of sorts. It has truly been a blessed and fun-filled summer.

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