First Day of Family Camp!

All the campers went home on Friday, after many tearful and loving goodbyes. Camp this summer was superlative, with countless memories and new friends made. We were sad to see them all go, but knew they were off to take all the good they’d discovered at camp and share it with the rest of the world in their schools, churches, and homes.

After a few days of downtime for the staff, we set about getting ready for Family camp to begin! All the staff moved up to boys’ camp and girls’ camp cabins were cleaned and made homey for our five familes staying with us this summer. This morning, three of them arrived and got settled in. After unpacking, blueberry picking, puzzle doing, and trail exploring, everyone gathered at dinner. The traditional homemade pizza and sundaes were served for dinner as everyone talked and got to know one another.

After dinner everyone took a chair and sat in a large circle in the middle of the dining room. The staff briefly introduced themselves, followed by each family. Families said their names, where they were from, and did an action that best described what they most wanted to do at camp. (Horseback riding, rock climbing, and pottery were the three chosen activities.) The chairs were then pushed aside and everyone sat on the floor for the shaker game! Two people are blindfolded and put in the middle of the circle, one with a noise-making shaker in hand. The person with the shaker gives it a shake and then tries to avoid the other person who is trying to catch them. There are many tricks to divert the searcher, and we were all in stitches as players ducked under each other, narrowly missed each other, and ran right into each other. Following many rounds where just about everyone got a turn, everyone headed to bed to finish unpacking and get a good night’s sleep.

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