Family camp, first full day

Today was our first full day of family camp, and it was a great day. The day started off with an inspiring lesson reading and then breakfast, followed by assembly. After this, different morning classes were offered that families could sign up for, or if they wanted some family time, they could go and take a hike together or just relax. But being the first day of camp, naturally everyone signed up for an activity. Pottery, archery, waterfront, arts and crafts, and kids’ camp were offered. Kids’ camp is a program for kids ages 2 to 7 and has a different theme every day. Today was carnival day and included activities like pinata making, coloring, and a fashion show at lunch.

After lunch and a much needed rest hour, afternoon activities began. Today was the hottest day of the summer to date, so many opted for waterfront time, especially during fifth period. Arts and crafts and drawing was also offered during third and fourth periods respectively. And of course, riding up at the barn was offered, both a kids class and an adult class.

The evening activity tonight was the barn dance! Folks showed up in their cowboy/cowgirl finest and danced the night away to the hokey pokey, bunny hop, mouse trap game, macarena, YMCA, and Cotton-Eyed Joe. Everyone played a round of “The Big Wind Blows,” and many liked it so much they requested to play again sometime. After the barn dance the little ones were tuckered out and ready for bed. Every night a nine-spot activity is offered for the parents, which tonight was games in the lodge. After lots of laughter during a great Catchphrase game, everyone headed to bed, ready for tomorrow.

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