Independence Day!

The Fourth of July was a hot and sunny day filled with a patriotic scavenger hunt challenge in the morning and then a carnival in the afternoon.  Campers were put into groups and then had to complete a series of tasks such as reenacting George Washington crossing the Delaware in a canoe in order to receive clues to their group’s keyword.  They then had to lead the charge up Bunker Hill (the hill leading to the soccer field in Boys’ Camp) while yelling their keyword.  In the afternoon campers took part in water balloon challenges, an obstacle course, a tea party, and an all-camp game of dodgeball. The evening program had several parts as well.  In groups by their cabins, campers took part in Skit-In-A-Bag, in which they had to act out a historical act incorporating random objects provided.  They then enjoyed sparklers while some of the head staff shot fireworks from a raft in the middle of the lake.  Overall it was a day filled with celebration and fun!

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