It’s a hot one…

So today we got back into the swing of things with a full day of classes. It was a hot one up at CLC and we enjoyed some fun in the sun. A bunch of campers and counselors joined together to pull up lily pads in the swimming area on the waterfront. There was a slip and slide outside one of the cabins in girls camp where Trailblazers and the Eagle Rock crew joined together for some wet water games. Sail-biking (or mountain sailing) class took a trip on their bikes in the cool shade of the trails around camp. All in all another wonderful day at Crystal Lake Camps!

Our fifth period classes for today were Frisbee/Waterfront, the Art and Craft of treeclimbing, free swim on the waterfront, and theatre!

Tonight is our second Council Fire!!! The girls of Canoya and the boys of Lenape will be joining together at the teepees to participate in some Native American games and to learn some folklore and sing songs. This is also a time to reflect on the session so far – as we close the council fire to sing Taps and watch the council fire burn brightly.

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