Session 3 Begins!

Session 3 got off to a fantastic start yesterday! With over fifty campers arriving, it was a busy day of swimming and horseback riding tests as well as getting everyone moved into their new cabins. After a lasagna dinner, the boys and the girls split up for separate camp and then cabin meetings in order to get to know each other and the rules of camp a bit better. Thunder rumbled throughout the outdoor girls’ and boys’ camp meetings, but luckily the rain held off until after all the campers were in their cabins for the night. Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny, although another rainstorm came through camp during lunch. After a delicious waffle breakfast, campers were split up by age for Sunday School, which was followed by all-camp bookmarking in Alford Hall. In the afternoon the campers got to sign up for the classes that they will be taking this session at the activity fair. Session 3 is certainly off to a great start!

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