Little Olympics

Yesterday was the truly epic day that camp-goers call Little Olympics. The day is comprised of a series of events ranging in the morning from clan volleyball and the 100 yard dash to such events as mud gaga and the stables shananagans. The day started with an Olympic torch carried by one of CLC staff members and followed by the entire camp as we wound our way around the gamefield. Once the Olympic fire was lit in the middle of the lake, the games commenced. Events continued after lunch with the waterfront portion of the day. Campers participated in events including a sponge relay, a high jump, stroke relays, and concluding with the epic running of the iron man triathalon where a camper or staff from each clan tackled each leg of the triathalon; one swimming from the T-dock across the lake to the teepees, one biking around the lake, and then finishing with one running around the lake crossing the finish line in front of the lodge and the rest of the cheering clans. Then the entire clan divided up by clans and all participated in the overall favorite event of the day, the canoe splash. Each clan was given a canoe and by splashing alone had to fill their canoe with water causing it to sink, the clan to fully submerge their canoe won. The day ended with Tug of War by clan, which the Wolves won followed by the Turkeys. The day concluded with Build-your-own burger dinner and a joint testimony meeting.
Today however we returned to the normal schedule and continued with classes amid the bright mountain sunshine. In the spirit of international night tonight we have had a French breakfast of croissants and baguettes as well as Polish perogies and Chinese egg rolls for lunch. We are looking forward to tonight and the international camper Powerpoint presentations.

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