We’re back to regular activities today following the extended overnight trips that were out from Saturday until Monday. Eagle Rock went whitewater rafting at a site about two hours from camp. Kiya and Dunwoody spent each night at a different location relatively close to camp, enjoying the natural beauty of the area. Atira headed to the local attraction of Haystacks, which is a river with large rocks in the middle that create pools and natural rock slides. Norman and Seneca had some adventures finding their site- Rock Run – but had a great time swimming in the cold mountain water once they finally reached their destination. Wahalla and Nikahu flexed their hiking skills while heading over the top of the mountain to a nearby site called Red Rock. The Trailblazers stayed close to camp but filled their days with adventures like riding mountain bikes down the mountain and spending some time with the horses.

Everyone returned to camp yesterday afternoon to rest up after overnights. The evening activity was separate testimony meetings, during which the girls heard readings by the camp practitioner and the boys listened to the camp nurse’s readings. After a good night’s sleep back in their own beds, the campers returned to normal activities this morning!

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