First Day of Family Camp

Since the past few days have been so busy, we have forgotten to post which clan won the overall clan competition! For those of you who don’t know at CLC we play clan games all summer and at the end of the summer the results of all the games are tallied up and that clan is declared the winner. The results from this summer were very exciting! For the first time in recent memory we had a tie for 3rd! 3rd was split this summer between the
Turkeys and the Turtles! The Bears gave a great effort, but came in a close second, with the Wolves taking first! All the clans put out an incredible effort, demonstrated amazing teamwork, and had a lot of fun, but in the end the Wolves were the ones to come out on top!
Today is the first day of Family Camp, and as we say goodbye to a portion of our regular staff, we welcome new families to the CLC community. It is a beautiful, sunny day out and we are excited for all our new “campers”. We are especially excited to welcome to
Rainbow Valley Ranchers here for the first time. Rainbow Valley Ranch is an organization that supports people who have mental disabilities and have grown up in Christian
Science and we are very excited to welcome them to CLC for the first time!

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