Day Three of Family Camp

Today is the third day of Family camp. We have all had so much fun with all the families
and with the Rainbow Valley Ranchers. This is our second day of classes and so far people have been hiking, swimming, on the rock wall, and in Dance classes. They have also ridden horses, mountain bikes, and gone fishing. Several sunfish were caught this morning and there is a group out right now looking to catch a few more!

The weather is hot and humid-so perfect summer weather!-and free swim has proven to be a popular event, with all ages and swimming abilities taking advantage of the opportunity to cool off! If the sky stays clear, we will have a beach party on the waterfront tonight. Continuing the water theme, tomorrow there will be an all-day canoe trip down the Susquehanna River.

Everybody here is so involved in all the activities and shows such great enthusiasm about all that we have to offer. It is amazing to see all the different people coming together for the first time.

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