Meet your year-round CLC staff

Camp’s year-round family has just grown exponentially! If you’re wondering who might pick up the phone next time you call, it may not be Kona, Katie, Lucy or Buzz (camp’s furry canines), but you will hear one of our cheery voices:

(Ranked in order of Mario Kart Wii scores)

Casey Davis, Friend and frequent visitor

Surprisingly skilled Mario Kart player, a force of joy and energy, rice and beans chef, creative genius behind many CLC videos (watch for them on the blog!)

Ian McLeland, Assistant Director

Running 11-year loyalty to CLC, inspired thespian, avid Kindle reader, Subi owner, s’more eating champion of the world.

Tim Holzworth, Assistant Director

Always fights bears, married to Jasmine, likes to do things outside, P90X champion, may or may not love Kona more than his wife.

Nathan Bowen (aka Nabo), Director

The boss-man, Subi owner, coffee connoisseur, awesome 80s mix compiler, fruity ice cream lover, reddest bearded man on the mountain, often confused for Aquabeard.

Scott Wade, Site Manager

Winner of best camo wardrobe at CLC, handyman extreme, best stocked freezer of meat, self-proclaimed fishing nut who loves being in the woods, animal lover.

Jasmine Holzworth, Marketing Assistant

Currently the only “lady” at camp, extreme nostril flare-er, been at CLC in one form or another for 16 years, now resides in Tawanka with her fantastic hubby.


The dogs, as ranked by speed:


Has been clocked at over 25 mph.

Papa: Ian


Has been known to speed up significantly when food is involved.

Papa and Mama: Tim and Jas


Faster in water than on land, especially when using her windmill tail.

Papa: Scott


He is the mac daddy of all. He doesn’t need to run.

Papa: Nabo


The truck as ranked by redness:


Now taking name suggestions!

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  1. I’m a Subi owner and I didn’t even know it!

    Yeah for the new truck. I’ve always been of the boring school of using obvious names for vehicles like say “Red Truck”.

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