Christmas at camp

This last summer was my first time in many years that I wasn’t at camp.  So after eating tomato soup and grilled cheese at every meal, spending hours stalking the CLC website to see new photos posted, and days of not taking off my clan t-shirt, I realized I had to get a grip.

When I stopped moping and asked God to help me out this is what I heard:  The good of camp is not limited to place (Pennsylvania), time (summer), or person (your favorite counselor or best friend from camp).

It hit me this week while I was reading the lesson that Christmas has the same message: the Christ is not confined to a place (Bethlehem), time (first century A.D.), or person (Jesus). Section one gives us a beautiful reminder of this: “[Christ’s] government and its peace will never end.” Is. 9:7 (New Living Translation)

What we experience at camp is the Christ at work – love, growth, healing. But this is certainly not because we are physically at camp. It is a natural result of God loving us, and the spiritual law of love definitely is not restricted to where we are or what we are doing.

By the way – I did have a fantastic summer, even though I wasn’t at camp. I spent time with great people, I felt God’s warmth every sunny day outside, and I broke down some personal barriers by running a half marathon!

This Christmas all of us here at CLC rejoice in knowing that the Christ is present, tangible and accessible to everyone all year round.  In the spirit of camp, story-telling-style, please enjoy our short video Christmas card to you!



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