Spring Break: Get your hands dirty

It’s time to scrap your plans for Spring Break. Come to Crystal Lake. We have some epic hands-on projects, and we want you to join.

March 20-25 (RSVP by March 16) we will be building some additions to cabins and doing some environmental restoration (no experience necessary). Come work AND play with us in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania! After our work day you’ll have plenty of time to hang out, explore, go hiking, rock climbing, and eat Eder’s ice cream.

Now I know this may sound biased, considering I am promoting CLC’s newest opportunity…HOWEVER…my family started doing volunteer vacations a few years ago, and it has changed how we do vacations. Our first one was to Mexico through Habitat for Humanity. During the day we helped a local family (who worked alongside us) build their new home. We cleared the land for the foundation, mixed cement by hand, laid bricks, and more. And after we were done working, we’d go swim in the ocean and hang out as a family. It still felt like we were having a fun vacation in an exotic place, but we had a new feeling of giving back to the country we visited. The Chicago Tribune recently wrote an interesting article about service vacations: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2010-12-05/features/sc-trav-1130-service-vacations-20101205_1_volunteer-vacation-farm-sanctuary-new-trail

So whether you have some time off from school, are planning a family vacation, or just want to experience Crystal Lake – we want YOU.

For more information click on the flyer below:

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