April showers bring…noisy neighbors??

At long last – there are signs of spring at CLC! In the last few weeks we’ve spotted blue herons, merganser ducks, salamanders, porcupines, turkeys, hawks, and deer coming out to enjoy the warm weather. But the noisiest of our neighbors are definitely frogs – thousands of them. See if you can hear 2 different frog calls in this video, taken on the road by Catfish Bog. Bonus points if you can identify what species of frogs are making these calls:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxnFTY2opN0&hl=en&fs=1]

With all the rain we’ve been getting, some parts of camp have been transformed…any guesses as to what body of water this is?

…If you guessed Hidden Pond – you’re right! In the 3 years Nathan has lived at CLC, he has never seen it this full. It is pretty much another lake on the property right now, and has even flowed over the trail in one section. (Remember what it looks like in the summer?? It’s called “Hidden Pond” for a reason…sometimes it’s hard to see where the water is at all!)

Other signs of spring at camp include the last of the “icebergs” on Crystal Lake melting to allow Nathan, Ian, Jasmine and Tim a spontaneous and quick swim (still very cold!).

But all these changes really only mean one thing: CAMP WILL BE HERE SOON!!

P.S. The frogs in the video are Spring Peepers (the high-pitched ones), and Wood Frogs (the ones that sound like quacking).

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  1. I like the sound and when I was there when I woke up at 2 am once I heard the frogs chirping like peepers and ducks. Brendan Little, camper who can’t wait to return!!!! 🙂

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