Vote for your favorite NEW camp t-shirt design!

Ok, everyone, they’re here. NEW Crystal Lake t-shirts! We need you to cast your vote for the design you would like to see in the camp store this summer. Which of the three designs do you like best?

The winning design will also be put on new CLC sweatshirts!

Click on the t-shirts to see them enlarged, and cast your vote by Tuesday, May 10!

[polldaddy poll=”5023703″]

Thanks for voting. Only 50 days ’till camp starts!! Weeee!

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One Comment on “Vote for your favorite NEW camp t-shirt design!”

  1. Well, my vote goes for s’mores, but I would also like to propose an alternative design featuring a five pronged stick, with each prong having its own marshmallow. I feel it better captures the spirit of kids roasting marshmallow.

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