Day the first

First day of CAMP! Who’s excited!?!

Alright let’s try that again now folks, WHO’S EXCITED!?!?!

There we go! And what a truly exciting, action-packed first day it has been. After unpacking, meeting their new cabin mates, munching down a delicious lasagna dinner and collapsing into bed for a sound nights sleep everyone here at Crystal Lake Camps rolled out of bed this morning ready to rumble!

After flag raising, breakfast and KAPERS (for all you new folks kapers is when we all turn out and clean our cabins top to bottom and in all the hard to get places until we can literally see our faces in the shower walls they’re so shiny) all the campers signed up for the classes they will be taking many days during the session. These included classes such as archery, mountain biking, arts and crafts, swimming, pottery, and even Quidditch! as well as many others.

In the afternoon we all had Sunday School–a bit of a novelty to have it after lunch–and marked our books with next weeks lesson. After that all the new campers were presented with their clan assignments. Everyone at camp is put in a clan; the Bears, the Wolves, the Turkeys, or the Turtles. All the clans are based on the actual Native American clans that lived in the Crystal Lake area. Once someone is assigned a clan they’re in it forever and ever. Ah-HO!

Then we all headed over to the lake for a free swim period. The campers had a blast swimming, canoeing, sliding down down the water slide to wild shouts of “BoomshakalakaLOOK-OUT!”, and bounced on the brand new and fantastically fun water trampoline.

There was a pic-nick dinner out on the game field followed by the first counsel fire of the session where the camp gathered to meet with their clans, play games, sing songs, and praise God as the sun set.

Finally all the campers headed back to their cabins to tumble into bed and sleep, perhaps even more soundly than before, in preparation for another blessed day of joy and learning.

…whew. 🙂 HAPPY SUMMER!!!

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