Ye-haw! Time for the Barn Dance!

Did someone say they wanted a perfect day for the first day of classes? ….oh well, if you insist.

Blue sky? …check
75 degrees? …check
Gentle breeze? …ok I guess that’s not TOO extravagant…check!

Ahh….and the gleeful chortles of campers everywhere wafting by…what a life! Come along and look in on some of the activities today. Looks like they’re off with a bang! The mountain biking groups went on trail rides this morning, the sports class played an enthusiastic game of soccer which left its participants breathless and grinning and those in the pottery studio got their hands nice and messy. Crystal Lake Camps’ very own quidditch team decorated their brooms and the kids in the theatre class played acting and improv games with great gusto. We’ll check in with more of the activities tomorrow but for now–wait, what was that? It sounds like the Leadership Trainees (LTs for short) are jogging back from Catfish Swamp to the rousing cadence of, “I don’t know what I’ve been told, muddy Catfish is really cold.” Good thing it’s nice and warm in the sun then huh LTs? Better go dip in the lake to get all that mud off too! They’ve been wading through the swamp this afternoon and mucky…would be an drastic understatement. Those flashes of white teeth among the dark mud looks like a good sign though.

Just one more stop before dinner: the Trailblazers! I see they’re over on the ropes course today doing the “Leap of Faith” Now THAT folks is pretty incredible. Those campers are absolutely fearless when it comes to the high ropes course and they have some pretty fantastic counselors to harness them in and lead them along. I have a feeling they’ll have some pretty great stories (and maybe even a few tall tales… “I WAS A HUNDRED FEET ABOVE THE GROUND! I’M SERIOUS!) by the time they’re done.

But now it’s time to start thinking about the evening activity which is the eagerly anticipated BARN DANCE. This evening will see much searching up and down for the rowdiest, howdiest, country wear everyone can find in preparation for the event. Country style music and dancing will abound as group games and yet another delicious dinner prepared by the inimitable kitchen staff.
Everybody is looking forward to the old favorites such as Cotton Eyed Joe, and after the younger campers scurry off to bed the young men and women in the older cabins will learn the traditional Virginia Reel in which *furtive glances at the door* they might actually have to hold hands.

But finally, all the dancing will be done and all will wander back to their bunks again with the music still playing in their ears–giving thanks for all the wonderful things that happened today and looking forward to tomorrow, and NEW adventures!

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