LTs Depart and Activities Continue

What’s the best thing you can think of after you’ve been playing water polo in the lake all morning? Chocolate peanut butter pie, that’s what. And indeed, the most scrumptious pie in the camp kitchens repertoire served after lunch today right after the stuffed baked potatoes and broccoli. A perfect lunch for munching on a cooler day, the sky now a soft grey that causes one to give the sky an occasional glance and comment, “Tut tut it looks like rain.”

But the activity of eager campers does not bulk at mere suggestion of deluge. Basket ball scrimmaging is in full swing, the horseback class is in the stable learning how to care for their beloved equines, and the Trailblazers have sallied forth on a scavenger-hunt-turned-survival-mission. Little do they know that by the time they reach the end of their quest they will have built their very own raft to paddle across the lake

A little further up the slope, among the flowering white mountain laurel bushes, can be heard the soft “whizz—-thubp” of arrows finding their targets on the archery range. The LTs have departed on their four day hiking trip, bound to return with exciting accounts of their adventures in the wilderness. Last night saw them down at the camp craft room double checking their packing lists for everything form hiking socks and water filters and food.

Despite the business all around the atmosphere feels relaxed and easy. Campers and staff alike seem to reflect happily on the day as they travel from one spot to the next, just like the sky in the water of the lake.

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