Happy Independence Day!

*DONG DONG DONG* goes the camp bell. The redcoats are coming! Everyone out of bed and at attention for inspection. Quickly, quickly! Then sneak past the patrols to the bathrooms and flag raising. The campers are in rebellion but the action can wait a little while longer. During lesson reading they read about freedom from tyranny through humility.
The red coats surrender, but wait! They’ve stolen the fork-and-spoon sign from Alford Hall and hidden it somewhere! Now the camp must collect fragments of clues in a game of capture the flag in order to find out where it is an get it back. They a good ol’ American meal of chile and corn bread before dressing up for a parade through camp to….a carnival! Musical hats! Wheelbarrow races! Water balloon toss! Snow cones, and so much more!

Hope they’re not too tired for a bonfire and fireworks when the sun goes down….

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2 Comments on “Happy Independence Day!”

  1. What fantastic fun! It pales in comparison to the parent’s celebration yesterday! Let Freedom Ring!!!! Thank you for all you are doing to make this such a special time for our children. Gratefully yours Susan and Tom Flynn

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