Corny won’t cut it

Did juicy that? My but it’s looking fruity around here. Pear are we anyway? This place is giving me a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. I plum run out of ideas as to what is going on right now. Oohhhhh that’s right, tonight is banquet night and the theme is fruit! THAT would explain the camper dressed as a coconut I just saw running past. Phew, now orange you glad I explained all that? We could have been here for hours of confusing fruit cocktail!

Ok, ok no more puns. How about that talent show tonight? I hear there’ll be singing and playing of musical instruments, theatrical performance, and many more a-peel-ing (ok that was the last one, promise) talents that all these fabulous campers pull out of their sleeves. They’re pretty cool and they know a lot of things too. Like why didn’t the worms go onto Noah’s ark in an apple?

Give up?

Because everyone had to go in pears!

Thanks for a terrific session everyone!

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