Like Battling a Minotaur…But with Less Greek and More Grin.

It is a long and winding road that leads to the camp gates that those arriving for the new session must take. Beyond the gates is the lodge where they must check in, and after that is the weary matter of moving all the baggage into the right cabin, the toilsome task of unpacking and making up a bed.

All this and then….the swim test.

Many returning campers wonder why they must go through this process year after year. Feet drag themselves into swim suits and shuffle down to the lake as slowly as possible. “Why do we have to do this again? I passed last year” and “I don’t want to swim in the lake anyway,” are the anguished refrains.

But not this year.

THIS year it’s different. THIS year there’s a fire lit inside all who glance at the lake. THIS year all those glancers whip back again in a fabulous double take. THIS year….there is a water trampoline.

Oh yes, they come to see it from afar and it is the ambition of many to bounce gleefully through the air to the slide on one side. Then there is the ultimate challenge, the contest prepared by the ancients: to be able to run down the log extension all the way to the end. Many will attempt this epic feat but who will prevail? That remains to be seen but one thing is certain…FUN!

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5 Comments on “Like Battling a Minotaur…But with Less Greek and More Grin.”

  1. Love it, love it, love it!! Someone has read the Percy Jackson series…………!!!! It looks like super fun will be had by all………My son, walking back to his cabin from THE SWIM TEST, was grinning wet ear to ear and shouted out to me, “Mom, why haven’t you left yet?” as he spied me talking with the camp practionner on my way to my car. Gee, I thought, he already got over missing me!!! Keep these blogs coming…it’s going to be a long two weeks for this parent! :}

  2. Can’t wait to see the look on our boys faces when they see the water trampoline 🙂 They are looking forward to the next session. Great blog!

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