First Day of Activities 2.0

Today during lunch every one of our new and beloved campers went bananas, mashed potatoes, rocked their mullets, and had a cow all before desert. Now in the interest of clarification (or maybe not) all this was done upon request of the counselors and occurred in this wise:

Form the banana, form, form banana
Form banana, form, form banana.
Peel the banana, peel, peel banana
Peel the banana, peel, peel banana.
*Serious face*

Etcetera. Until all other vegetables, retro hairstyles, and bovines had been formed, peeled/combed/tipped, and mashed/rocked/had, accordingly. There are surely too many commas in that sentence but the real point is not to worry! Campers have also learned how to set tables, bring out the food, and request permission to visit the WC before dashing off wildly.Therefore flawless table manners may be expected on the campers’ return home intermittently interspersed with wacky and energetic impressions.

In other news: TMC youth visited Crystal Lake Camps today to give a presentation on joining the Mother Church and about their website and all the cool youth activities that are happening around the country all year long that anyone can go to! Imagine that, just like camp but any time of the year. O.o Yeah, that’s right. Super-fantabulous.

And speaking of camp…today was the FIRST FULL DAY OF ACTIVITIES! You’ll have to stay tuned to find out more about all the awesome stuff these kids are doing but it could be any number of really fun classes from soccer and ultimate frisbee, to pottery, or song writing, or stop motion animation, or even Space Explorers! Plus many, many more. I bet it sure was hard to pick what to sign up for this time around. They’re so busy during the day it sure is a good thing they at least have time to be silly during lunch….

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2 Comments on “First Day of Activities 2.0”

  1. Can’t wait to see what my son signed up for this year…he was thinking archery, arts crafts, swimming, soccer, etc. etc. etc. soo many choices! Hope he learned something new about youth activities with TMC. He doesn’t have much contact with them so that was terrific idea to invite them to talk with the kids. Love it!!!!!

  2. I read this post after the later one, so now, instead of marching campers running through my head, I will have this song running through my head! What’s worse is I will be tempted to perform the associated actions..

    These posts are wonderful, thanks for sharing them with us!

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