A Ninja Riding a Rocket While Eating a Cookie

Fact: If one epic thing happens one or more others must happen in close succession to keep it company.


Cooking class made chocolate chip cookies today. These cookies were (this tense required because of their immediate demise) no mere chocolate chip cookies but cookies of extreme delicious, goo-y, gargantuan size. Oh yes.

Meanwhile not too far away the stop-motion animation class continued work on its production of a ninja movie sequence. Regular ninjas being too mundane for this group however, their ninja-battle-action-sequence takes place in the water. Because if you were a ninja and there happened to be a lake nearby why wouldn’t you have a water battle?

To take this social gathering of epicosity from a conventional get together to an all-out fiesta the Space Explorers took apart rocket engine in the afternoon, discovered its secret workings and proceeded to set off another rocket. After that though the neighbors started to complain so everyone decided to retire to vespers and bed having exhausted themselves completely with exuberance.

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