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Guess what time it is? It’s time for another Crystal Lake VOCABULARY TEST!!! in which we attempt to leave you readers scratching your heads trying to define some features of the camp that any camper here would know. Please answer in complete sentences, an answer key will be given at the bottom of the post.


1) What are Kapers?

2) Is a Hopper a… (circle one)
a) One-legged race contestant
b) Camper in charge of fetching food and clearing dishes
c) Small frog native to Hughesville
d) Compartment that carries coal on a train

Define the following:
3) Canoya

4) Lenape

5) Truppalup


1) Kapers are….the best part of the day! Right? No? Oh well, but they are pretty important. Kapers take place in the morning after breakfast and are when all the campers and staff head back to the cabins to clean and tidy them! All clothes are neatly folded and lined up perfectly in cubbies, dressers organized, floors swept (even under the beds), sinks and toilettes and showers scrubbed, and beds made so tight they have no wrinkles at all. And did I mention that Kapers are graded every day? Oh yes, it’s a fierce competition too because the cleanest cabin at the end of the session wins the Cabin Excellence award! These campers will be so good at cleaning by the end of the session they could open a housekeeping service.

2) Oooo the tricky question. But if you guessed b) then you’re right! Every day a new Hopper is chosen from every table in the dining room. Since tables are assigned this means that everyone gets a turn…but a turn at what? The Hoppers job is to set the table at the beginning of every meal. Then they get the food from the kitchen to serve to their table and take all the dishes to the wash-window at the end. THey also take care of other needs during the meal and since they’re so fantastically helpful and great in every way they get served food first. So hop to it!

3&4) Pretty strange sounding words huh? Canoya and Lenape are the names of the girls and boys camps respectively. They are Native American words presumably from the tribes that originally inhabited this area. (I’m still tracking down what they actually mean, does anyone know?)

5) …alright we made this one up. But we had you going there for a minute didn’t we? Maybe just a teensy bit concerned that you had forgotten something from before? No? Fine.

Anyway, you all surely did fabulously on the test. Go on, give yourself a pat on the back, and tune in again tomorrow for….something completely different.

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  1. from http://www.crystallakecamps.org/campinfo/about.html: The name Lenape was chosen for the boys camp, being the Indian name (leni-Lenpe) for the Delaware tribe meaning “real men” or “he-men.” Later it was learned that a well-established private camp in Pennsylvanie was named Camp Lenape so this name was not used in advertising but only in “the camp family.” Camp Canoya, the girls’ camp, received its name from the Canoy tribe of Indians.

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