Recipe for Fun

Preheat environment to 80 degrees. Dampen with showers and nighttime rain storms but be careful not to frequent the gaga pit to early afterward or campers will become saturated with mud.

Measure into bowl and set aside:

1 Tbls Stop Motion Animation
1 Tbls Videography
1/2 tps Song Writing
2 cups Space Xplorers
1/4 cup Cooking

Measure Mountain Biking, Ultimate Frisbee, Pottery (or Arts and Crafts your preference) and Horseback Riding. Add Archery to taste.

Fold in first first bowl carefully without flattening the mixture. Set aside and let cool. Sprinkle a baking sheet with Dance and Swimming. Place cooled mixture on sheet in little dollops approx 1 rest hour apart. Bake for 1 day until you reach Cabin Cookouts in the evening. Turn every few classes if necessary. Top with Trailblazers and enjoy!

(This is a mostly comprehensive list of all the cool things your campers are probably doing this session. For variations please see the related recipe in the back of the book)

Unrelated but Important Note: Previous problems with purchasing pictures have been purged. 😀 Photos on the website are now available to be bought.

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