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Sunday School? In the afternoon? On a Friday? Ridiculous!
And yet accurate. As we bid fond farewells to our one-week campers everyone is also heading down to Alford Hall for Sunday School. How cool to have so many other kids of the same age in the same class!

The morning was filled with excellent class period despite the grey skies. The Archery class put quite a few holes in their target foes, the cooking class made quesadillas, and the pottery class all threw their very own pots on the wheel for a start.

The stop-motion class has been making good headway on their movie which will be shown at the end of session banquet (as well as posted for proud parents). Up at the soccer field campers are demonstrating crazy dribbling skills and tricks in soccer, and Crystal Lakes very own Quidditch team played their first scrimmage of the session this morning.

Of course this is all well and fine but guess what else? It’s International Day!
That means that all the meals include food from countries and cultures around the world and kids learn about the countries some of their fellows hail from all culminating in a giant game of International Jeopardy. Careful though, if you get too many questions wrong the counselors on your side get a pie in the face…!

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