The Night Before Overnights

Twas the night before Overnights and through all the camp
Not a creature was stirring except the blogger nursing a writing cramp.
The shoes were lined up on the porches with care
In the knowledge that daylight too soon would be there.

The campers were nestled all snug in their bunks
While visions of s’mores pervaded and they slept like stumps.
And I in my pjs and my co in her cap
Had just settled down for a somewhat-shorter-than-desired nap.

When out on the camp road there arose such a clanging
I sprang off the top bunk for the wake-up bell was ranging.
Away to the bunk rooms we flew like a flash
Rallying the campers to begin a mad dash.

The sudden bright light in the eyes caused a shout
Gave the luster of mutiny to listeners without.
When what to my wondering eyes should occur
But clothing and toothbrushing commenced like a blur.

They raced off to flag raising so lively and quick
I knew that excitement had settled in thick.
More rapid than eagles their breakfast they ate
Then back to their cabins to pack up and wait.

Before at assembly they learned as a group
What to wear to the woods and once there how to poop.
And now a great cheer for their fellows they gave
For venturing out to the wilds is brave.

On Kiya, on Dunwoody, Atira, Wahalla.
On Trailblazers, Seneca, Norman, Nikahu.
To the top of the ridge, To the top of the hill,
Then blast off as Space Explorers go further still!

Their flashlights how they twinkled, their mess kits how shining,
Their group gear stowed safely without too much whining.
In hiking regalia they dressed head to toe
Claiming to have used the bathroom minutes ago.

Their canteens held tight in their palms close at hand
Sloshed backward and forward and opened unplanned.
They all had big boots and a backpack to carry
That bounced when they walked like Moe, Shemp or Larry.

They spoke many words as they wandered to their work
Went back for forgotten things then turned with a jerk
And putting one foot right in front of the other
Some started off norther and some of them souther.

They sprang to their trails in a meandering way
Looking forward to setting up camp for the day.
And faintly was heard ere drew out of site
“Happy camp-outs to all and to all good Overnights!”

Be back in 3 days. Cheers!

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3 Comments on “The Night Before Overnights”

  1. Very clever blog! I know more people read this than make comments so I’ll keep it short: the details are great, you paint a wonderful picture of the camp experience. Keep it coming!

  2. I also tend to just read and not comment – but I always look forward to reading new entries and to seeing the pictures!! I love the creative writing styles! Thanks for doing this!

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